Infans CareU
Deliver service without the barrier of time, and distance. 
Infans CareU provides a platform for patients to monitor and align with treatment and tests.
Provide updated lab results, let patients involved with the treatment by monitoring their test results and cryo inventory with due date information. 
Real-time reminders through warm notifications for medications, treatments, and appointments, reduce communication costs by missed phone calls or undelivered text messages.
Real embryo photos and ultrasounds, details of cryo storages, connect parents with their baby from the begining.
Features & Benefits


Booking appointments and making payments
Easy making appointment, waiting list updates, and cryo deadlines and barcode payment

Complete treatment info
Provide search for full treatment info, including medication plan, lab report, embryo photos, and cryostorage.

System integration

Provide integration between Infans EMR, Infans HIS, have all patient's data synchronized in real-time

Push notification

Call for the appointment, medication notification, cryo fee payment notification


Membership and service
Provide customers with complete health and education information and treatment information
Receive real-time push notification and broadcast services through Infans CareU

Reduce stress and anxiety from IVF treatment

​Customers can receive updates of t treatment progress and medication plan through Infans CareU, effectively reducing the anxiety

Increase efficacy in the administration process

Let Infans CareU be your best partner as a communication tool through med reminding, lab data, schedule appoints and treatment progress, etc

Develop your own brand
Providing customers with better medical experience--- not only establish a positive reputation of your IVF center but also may reduce drop-offs