Infans EMR
IVF procedure is a sophisticated treatment combined with highly complex operations.
Document your work with fast and simple entry, manage and monitor performance anytime.

Infans EMR covers the whole journey of IVF treatment:
Patient profile, medication/treatment form, embryo culture, consent form, file upload, reports, pregnancy result follow-ups, and cryo billing.

This smart digital system helps you optimized lab performance through statistic reports, including KPIs and monthly reports. In addition, this system is friendly for various system integration, such as CCD images, ultrasound, and even AI models.
Features & Benefits


Patient and cycle management
Patient profile
Treatment history 
Cryo storage list
Fertility assessment 
Treatment table: Monitor stimulation response
Reports and consent forms
Andrology documentary and storage
Embryo culture/Cryo/Thaw/ET recording 
Outcome and tracking     

Lab management and monitoring 
Cryo banking management
Culture setting

Patient Administration

Add new patient
Cryo due date list/ billing lists 

Work schedule

To-do lists
Work calendar

Statistics analysis

Monthly report
Clinic and lab KPIs
Data export

System integration (Optional)