All-in-one digital solution
Our software is named Infans. Infans originates from Latin, meaning infant. We named our product with the aim of emphasizing the ultimate goal of assisted reproduction: the successful birth of a healthy baby. We hope Infans becomes a powerful tool for fertility specialists, embryologists, and counselors, assisting couples struggling with infertility to realize their dream of parenthood.

Integration of Infans CMS/HIS, EMR, CareU, an all-in-one solution that connects clinical treatments, lab, and patients together.
The tripartite communication between physician decision-making, laboratory, and patient brings huge communication costs to the clinic. The all-in-one integrated intelligent management system makes the connection and communication between patients, medical staff, and laboratories easier, accurate, and efficient through the synchronization of information. At the same time, the all-in-one solution reduces clinical information transmission errors from both systems and humans. Let the information between professional teams become simple, easy, and efficient, helps IVF centers provide better service to patients and embryos.