Embedded in Assisted Reproduction Technology, Binflux's latest studies have been published in international journals

Our scientific research of ploidy prediction from time-lapse images and EMR (Electronic Medical Records) analysis with Lee Women's Hospital has been accepted and published by two international journals and conferences in 2021!
We learned that embryo morphology reveals its high potential in genetic relationships. 
Those precious clinical data not only matter to lab research, but also to patients.  Infans CareU (app for infertility patients treatment) and Infans EMR (intelligent management system for reproductive centers) can be used in patients' treatment and medication reminders, reports as blood tests and embryo photos can also be real-time delivered by the APP, providing patients with more transparent and high-quality medical service. 
Thanks also to Dr. Lee for this innovative idea of making embryo time-lapse video images to be shown on the APP can come true!