Infans Pro

Integrated intelligent medical management system

Leading the world, it has launched an intelligent integration system for reproductive centers that combines customer App (Infans CareU), outpatient system (Infans HIS), and laboratory system (Infans EMR), enabling the contact and communication between customers, medical staff and laboratories, and more It is simple, precise and instant, while effectively preventing human error, increasing the success rate of treatment and strengthening the relationship between doctors and patients.


Fully integrate data from different department

Through a comprehensive smart integration system, data from customers, clinics and laboratories are completely connected

Synchronous treatment status of your center

Synchronized any progress from clinical appointment, surgical schedule, prescribe medication etc.; Monitor business and financial status through various statistic reports

Optimize the efficiency of diagnosis and treatment

Synchronizing information accurately between departments, minimize the amount of time spent on administration process; reduce the cost of communication with customers, and improve the quality of medical care

Reduce the possibility of human error in the IVF laboratory

Accurately collect doctor's orders and work schedules, also integrate laboratory instrument data, greatly reduce information integrating time, and also reduce human error from copying and misunderstanding


Infans CareU
App for customer service

App that designed for medical institutions

Infans EMR
​IVF laboratory management system

Laboratory management system specially designed for IVF centers

Infans HIS
Hospital information system

A HIS system that has integration of clinical visits, scheduling, inventory and business management

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