Infans HIS

Hospital information system

Not just a HIS you've seen before in healthcare system, Infans HIS is a highly integrate system that combines appointments, schedul planning and inventory management.


Complete paper-free system

Real-time communication: order passed down to departments directly

Tag printing

Tags for patient identification wristbands, blood sample, and lab cryo straws

Medicines and consumables inventory system

Drugs and laboratory consumables can be deducted through the system, allowing managers to easily grasp the latest inventory status

Statistical analysis

Provide a number of statistical analysis reports, such as: commission and revenue reports, inventory usage statistics, surgery statistics, etc


Appointment system

Inquiry list
Doctor visit
Received the medication
Scheduling for procedure​Report list

Patient membership system

Member list
Member push notification

Inventory System

Drug inventory
Supplies inventory

Statistical Analysis

Statistical Analysis


Physician Package
Inspection package
Embryo Package
System Settings

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