About Us

Established in January 2017, Binflux Inc. has been focusing on providing an all-in-one digital integrated service for IVF centers, by working with medical and laboratory professionals to help couples to fulfill the dream of having a healthy baby. Binflux Inc. has been receiving the National Innovation Award and Medical Quality Award in Taiwan. Covering ⅓ IVF cycles annually in Taiwan, Binflux EMR system has become the most popular EMR brand among IVF centers.

Goal of Binflux

Infans EMR is designed to improve the quality of both clinical and laboratory settings, providing assistance for all sorts of decision making.

Core Value

Honesty, faithfulness, innovation, customer trust

Assisted Reproductive technology is a field with rapid changing. Binflux has always adhered to our mission, striving for perfection. Binflux has been focusing on the investment in the digital field of reproductive medicine since the first day of establishment. Binflux understands the challenges centers are facing while introducing digital systems to clinical practice.
It takes time to develop a product that meets clinical needs.

In addition, we believed that only with happiness and enthusiasm could staff produce high quality products, and high quality products enhance satisfaction of customers, and such satisfaction of customers pleased and provide happiness to shareholders. ​

Team members

Our team consists of a passionate team of Ph.D. level scientists, software engineers, and R&D personnel from fertility centers.

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